How to catch your boyfriend / girlfriend cheating on Snapchat

Snapchat is incredibly popular across a wide demographic of internet users especially for the primary allure of oscurity which we all secretly crave. In that secrecy, a lot of private materials are exchanged every second, minute and hour of the day which has created an uncanny curiosity with another group of users who for, obvious reasons ,want to find out what those materials are. Without any doubt, the most popular, being sexual contents,  which can vary from nude pictures and videos to very sexually-laced conversations which many prefer would remain hidden.  Since there is an apparent need for such intrusiveness, there will always be software mercenaries who would get down to work and milk the situation for whatever it’s worth. Hence, the increasing rise and growth of the Snapchat hacking websites and apps.

Snapchat hacking is almost like the cyberspace equivalent of the ‘E’ Channel program, “Cheaters”, which hires a private eye to follow a susposedly cheating spouse in order to gather enough evidence on their extramarital sexual exploits. However, snapchat hacking websites make the job a lot easier especially for those who would patronize them. Not surprisingly, there are so many of them out there and who have mostly latched on to one major flaw of the snapchat platform which surprisingly has to do with content insecurity.

Even though Snapchat has always promised a secure usage of their application were all such juicy short videos, erotic chats and nude pictures, amongst others, would be safely destroyed and forgotten forever. To an extent, this was true but unfortunately, not totally. While those contents still gets deleted from the principal server but they are always stored away in an external server which is were the vulnerability comes from. Even though they are encrypted with the popular SHA-256 algorithm, the Snapchat hacking sites have managed to penetrate these barriers of cyber shields and hence access those stored away users content.

As with all the hacking sites, the user is simply required to input the Username of the snapchat account they are interested in. The system goes on to work and takes as much as a minute to complete the task which , in my opinion, is a small sacrifice compared to the promise of gaining access to a chest of salivating media materials. What could prompt anyone to do this? You may ask. The reasons range from the need to know if a spouse or partner has been unfaithfilul, to the greed associated with monetizing these picture, chats and videos especially when they belong to very popular persons in the society.

Like criminals, these people are constantly evolving. They understand that Snapchat creators and handlers are doing what they can to stop these snooping activities by churning out quick new updates which could cripple their operations, so they, on their part,  would logically work twice as hard to stay in business. They are certainly here to stay as long as there are still weakly protected juicy contents up for grabs.

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