My experiences with Snapchat and why one might want to spy on the account of another

Due to its simplicity and popularity, there is very little reason not to have snapchat for one purpose or another. I use it for quickly sending photos to friends, but mostly to view how the days of other people are going, because more and more people are not doing that on other social networks like Facebook anymore. With its well-connected text chat feature, it is often easier to open snapchat than to send a text message. Some may not have the best text-messaging cell phone plan, or maybe not even have a phone, so using snapchat on Wi-Fi using the text chat is often more cost-effective as well.

Due to its anonymity and often controversial uses, if a spouse has the snapchat app, one might feel suspicious about what the spouse is doing on there. That is why there is a high demand for “snapchat hacks” to provide access to a log or history about what an account is doing and who they are messaging. The same situation as text messaging, one might sneak onto a spouse’s device and see who and what they are messaging. Due to the more anonymous and self-destructing features of snapchat, this type of suspicion is enhanced. One might want to view the history of another person’s account to see if they are cheating in their relationship, and the anonymity features help to facilitate that.

The concept of snapchat being anonymity and self-destructing messages attracts many partners who want to chat discreetly with other lovers. As stated before, many suspicious partners may want to gain access to their accounts to view their history. Most relationships are built upon trust, so on the most part the partners would trust each other not to do such a thing, however one way to test the trust of your partner is to randomly ask for a check of their history, and if nothing suspicious is found this may strengthen even more the trust of the relationship.

But due to the nature of snapchat, many married couples might not have a need for the anonymous features of the app. The “stories” feature is a great way to view and capture vacations or events and this would be the main use for that demographic. The instant-destructing messaging feature of snapchat used mainly for more private things would not see much use in the married couple demographic and thus with just the “stories” feature, a married partner might not opt to even use the app, as other social networking websites such as Facebook provides similar features. However, the “stories” feature is much easier to use and these days getting more popular than Facebook as it is much easier to share moments and images, so one might download the app just for this feature.

Overall the anonymity of snapchat provides attraction for the more private types of messaging, and a suspicious partner might want to verify that their partner is not messaging another lover, and would seek methods to “spy” on their snapchat account to ensure this.

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