Snapchat, a modern form of cheating

Cheating has been a part of human relationships since the beginning of time. Millions of videos and pictures are shared daily on social media. Snapchat and other social networking apps have become a vital part of our daily lives and also our friendships and intimate relationships. Snapchat has an impact on how users interact with each other and it also as an impact its users’ relationships both positively and negatively. This article will answer questions like how is Snapchat affecting our relationships? And how has Snapchat increased the rate of cheating in relationships. Listed below are a few reasons why Snapchat encourages people to cheat on their partner, and why the app can drive the rest of us crazy with insecurity and jealousy. Don’t let it get to you, however, just make sure you and your partner communicate regularly, and not just through social media or a mobile app.

1. It creates a room for secrets and suspicions: Snapchat users are very much aware that getting away with cheating is really easy on Snapchat. It makes partners jealous, jealous in the sense that snapchat on like other social media apps have less information about a user which can trigger insecurity, suspicions, paranoia in your partner and it also makes a user uncomfortable because they always have to worry about their partner’s activities online. A recent study found that Snapchat made young people more jealous than even Facebook. Researchers concluded that these young users assumed that the activity going on was inherently secretive and suspicious.

2. It puts a lot of pressure on couples: With all the jealousy and suspicions over cheating on Snapchat, its users have to make really good efforts to reassure their partners in having trust in the relationships. This means couples have to be each other’s best friend. They have to create little or no room for outside parties in their relationship. Even when you are on social media your partner has to be your top priority. The app recently removed its best friend feature and it allows you to see the users that are connected to each other.

3. High Risk of Temptation: Because of the nature of Snapchat the level of getting tempted is extremely high. When a picture or message is sent on Snapchat is disappears immediately its opened. Since a user knows this he or she will want to cheat because they know there won’t be any evidence to prove that they ever cheated. Snapchat was originally made for adults to be naughty with each other without leaving evidence behind. Snapchat is a best place for people who feel they do not get enough satisfaction from their relationship.

With sexting made easy on Snapchat, one would not have to think about the endless lies and the consequences that will come with cheating. It makes one to be courageous and bold because a picture that lasts only 10 seconds will never be seen again. In my honest opinion, it is not that Snapchat can ruin your relationship, people make poor decisions and act selfishly that’s why relationships don’t last long anymore.

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