The Psychology of Snooping (Snapchat Cheating)

If you found your partner on Snapchat with someone else, how would you react? Would you be suspicious or even a little bit hurt? Distrust between partners is one of the leading causes for a couple to breakup. For a relationship to flourish there must be trust between both people.

With that said, the thought of seeing the inner working of your mates mind is tantalizing to your naturally curious brain; so you figure scrolling through his saved messages real quick won’t do anyone any harm, so you slide open a snap. Your eyes dart from message to message, intently deciphering the hidden meaning behind each keystroke as increasingly grimmer potential scenarios play throughout your head. With all this knowledge you have gained, there is something you risk losing, the trust of your partner.

Going through your partner’s phone is a huge violation of your mutual trust and can create a rift in the relationship may be unfixable. Although Snapchat provides an easy outlet for adulterous activities, you should trust that you have instilled enough love within your partner and built a strong enough relationship that they would never dream of cheating on you. Paranoia has evolved to keep the human race aware of things such as predators or other things that may threaten us or prevent our happiness. This hunter-gatherer emotion is extant in the modern world, still keeping us aware of unknown dangers to our own well being, in this case, someone stealing your partner away from you.

Seeing your partner talk to someone else often raises suspicion but seeing them constantly talk to someone on Snapchat, an app notorious for being a hub for people guilty of infidelity only amplifies any base suspicion you already had. By deleting any picture sent after a set amount of time removes any traces except for messages that have been saved.

If you believe there are problems within your relationship you should bring it up with your partner directly rather than snooping through your phone. Not only will this put an end to any suspicions you may have had while also strengthening your relationship. This will create a precedent of talking to each other more and fixing problems because after all, communication is key in a relationship. When you get suspicious you often fall down a rabbit hole within your mind of suspicions, each more far fetched than the last but by talking with your partner about your suspicion you can stomp it out right away instead.

At the end of the day, as long as you and your partner are both happy, that is all that matters. If your partner truly was cheating, then you are too good for them and things seem to happen on their own like that sometimes. Looking through someone’s phone is an invasion of their privacy for sure but depending on your relationship it may be interpreted differently and results may vary as every single relationship in the world is different because every single human being on Earth is different from their memories to their chemistry, meaning no two relationships with be exactly the same.

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