This is why you want to see other people’s Snaps

One of the most important aspects of Snapchat is that you can see into the lives of some of your friends and family, or even celebrities. Before to send a photo one must take it and attach it to an email or attach it to a text message, but snapchat came and made it easy to do so with just two taps. The most underlying basic feature about the app is simply sending a photo which will only last for a couple seconds and after will delete itself.

Often when friends are out on vacation they post their photos at the end of the trip to a service such as Facebook, however snapchat enables the user to see something the moment it is happening. Often times a person on snapchat sends candid photos to a small group of friends through the basic snapchat function. A person who wants photos to be more public can use the “stories” feature which allows any user who is friends with the sender to see those photos for 24 hours instead of only a select few people for a couple seconds only once. The name of the feature “stories” exactly describes the main function of the feature, to provide an easy-to-view function to view the story of someone’s day.

One of the main uses of this feature being a vacation allows many users to share their snaps as well as look into the stories of other users. To see into someone else’s vacation instantly through the stories feature is much preferable to waiting until the end of someone’s vacation and waiting for them to upload the photos to somewhere else. A snapchat user might want to view these photos right away so that they can see what is happening in the moment.

When on vacation or at an event, opening up snapchat is effortless and provides a very easy way to share moments. Viewing events is now much easier, as video or photo moments are skipped through every couple seconds when viewing multiple “stories” or “snapchats”.

Celebrities are using this function as well to provide an easy way for their fans to look into their lives. A fan of a celebrity can simply open up snapchat at the end of the day and have a slideshow of the day of the celebrity using the “stories” feature. One would want to use this feature as a way of looking into the personal lives of celebrities without waiting for an edited video on Youtube, as snapchat makes it very easy to share moments.

If someone moves away from their friends, opening up snapchat is one of the easiest ways to communicate with them and see how their lives are through video and photo. Snapchat also has a chat feature where images can also be embedded to make communication using text, image, and video work very well together and is often easier to use then dedicated messaging apps and is free to use unlike text messaging, especially internationally.

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