Why do people cheat on Snapchat? Ruined Relationships

Snapchat, that app with the yellow colored ghost-like icon, is not different from many other social media platforms out there except for how media content is handled in a jiffy. As the name implies, you have to snap a picture or make a short video which you send to people you are acquainted with and most times, to people you don’t know a thing about. The best part was that the sent contents disappeared after a period. So, there is no trace of these videos or pictures on your devices. I am sure you already know about this but to me, that was borderline weird from the get go.

When I first got to know about snapchat and understand how it was used, what stood out to me was the sense of secrecy sasociated with it. You get to be able to take these pictures and make some not so ‘society friendly’ videos without anyone seeing them. So I thought then, but I know a lot better today as nothing truly totally secret in today’s cyber world. In a nut shell, it is a perfect platform to do things you are not very proud of.

There is that aura about snapchat that encourages cheating because you feel totally protected. People send all sorts of videos including rated ones for different reasons including a need to seduce and hence to ply one of the oldest trades in human existence (prostitution), according to some, while others see it as an avenue to send intimate images and videos to secret online lovers who they’d never seen.

It mostly creates a false sense of freedom and excitement as the participants feel unhinged to share private materials. It almost feels like the Blackberry days again where you were assured of your text messages being water-tight secured, hidden away from the prying eyes of the Feds and government agencies, but unlike that time, personal videos and pictures are now involved.

Snapchat is just convenient for cheating because it is untraceable. The materials dissappears like a bubble after a short while. Unlike normal media contents, your spouses, partners or job colleagues can’t find that evidence on your phone so you continue to thrive under the cover that famous yellow ghost.

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